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Enterprise purpose: harmony as a, infinite kindness. Business philosophy: people-oriented, and virtue. In the enterprise, continuous innovation Enterprise development cornerstone: quality is the power, unity, cooperation is a way out Enterprise mission: to rank among the top three domestic automatic cold heading machine industry, to become a valuable partner screw manufacturers. People-oriented, the first element in productive forces, the body of the enterprise in time, he is also the core of enterprise management.United teng machinery from the ideology of "educating people" to build the first people to "united teng" is a school. It is a warm "home" culture connotation, has put the people in enterprise management in the first place, only around service employees with all my heart and an open heart and soul the thought of employees, carrying out cultural construction work, try to be in a kind of internal dynamic, with a strong cohesive force, is deep the customer trust, winning eight party support for a kind of cultural atmosphere.Ephraim virtue: emphasize the seriousness of the league teng company standardization construction.Standard is the "law" of the enterprise, the enterprise all activities shall be conducted within the framework of standards, "everyone is equal before the standard eldest brother, second, general manager of standard", this is al teng standardization construction consistent standards.Think chairman. The rule of law "to" instead of "rule of man", can be overcome by personal will, affection. Ideological bias, analysis errors caused by fluctuations in the development of enterprises. To establish a set of scientific and reasonable standard to manage enterprise, regulate the behavior of employees. This will help to ensure that the enterprise long-term and stable development.To the mass (hereafter: quality is the life of the enterprise, the product on behalf of the character."United teng" people don't consider how to deal with and overcome competitors. But how to focus on comprehensive leading from the product quality of all the competitors.Because "united teng" people think that in a market economy, competition exist forever, only good at management, improve product technology content is the key to dominate the market.United teng company always adhere to the "to provide high-quality goods" the quality policy, to the quality strives for the survival, to the prestige strives for the development, increasing technical innovation and the r&d of new products. Put the quality as the enterprise survival. The cornerstone of the development and key.Innovation is the soul of the enterprise, is the vitality of enterprise development. Make it first in the company employee's concept innovation.The company break through the traditional consciousness. Break the traditional idea and consciousness, to build their brands.Constitution embodies the innovation, mechanism innovation, management innovation, etc.Companies in the innovation development, and strengthen ourselves, realize the benefits of scale, the construction enterprises become more competitive enterprise.