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What is a filling machine?


The filling machine is mainly a small product in the packing machine. It can be divided into a liquid filling machine, a paste filling machine, a powder filling machine, a particle filling machine, and a semi automatic filling machine and a fully automatic filling production line from the degree of automation of production. Recently, with the QS certification of food, the manufacturers of edible oils have begun to focus on product quality and packaging, so the oil filling machine has a prominent position in the filling machine.

According to the principle of filling, the filling machine can be divided into normal pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine, liquid filling machine, oil filling machine, paste filling machine, paste filling machine, granular filling machine, powder filling machine, big bucket water filling machine and vacuum filling machine.


The process of liquid filling machine is generally as follows: the box with empty bottle is stacked on the tray, the conveyer belt is sent to the unloading tray machine, the tray is unloaded, the box is sent to the unloading machine with the conveyor belt, the empty bottle is removed from the box, the empty box is sent to the washing machine through the conveyer belt, and then cleaned and conveyed to the packing machine, so that the container will be transported. Bottles of drinks are loaded into them. The empty bottle removed from the unloading machine is sent to the bottle washing machine for disinfection and cleaning by another conveyor belt. The bottle is checked by the bottle inspecting machine and enters the filling machine and the sealing machine after the cleaning standard is in line with the cleaning standard. The drink is loaded into a bottle by a filling machine. The bottle is sealed and conveyed to the labeling machine and sent to the packing machine, then sent to the packing machine and then sent to the tray to be placed on the tray.